About us Roll & Fix

Roll & Fix incorporated in June 2012 was the brainchild of two partners one in construction the second partner in automotive business. Challenged by    loads tied down often dangerously carried on van roof tops. The starting point was: A biker following a van was hit in the chest by a flying ladder off a van. Luckily he wasn’t killed, nevertheless his motor bike was badly damaged   a few minutes and traffic began to flow again. Often flying loads accidents are more dramatic.

Les produits ROLIX sont conçus et fabriqués en Europe

Our basic specification called for designing a strap quick and easy to use on van roof tops. Assisted by various design consulting firms together we devised an original strap and winch specifically for use on van roof tops.
Nothing easier, wind the strap around the load, tighten the strap just Roll & Fix.  

The company teamed up with Belgian, French, Dutch and Germans to manufacture the various product range components. Assembled in Belgium, Roll & Fix is respectful of a strict specification book aimed at quality and performance

Convinced of the innovation of Roll & Fix we are developing a distribution network throughout Europe.