Roll and Fix a young and innovating Belgian business.

Roll & Fix roof racks winch and straps as well as safety equipment are designed produced and sold for safe use by Pros. Roll & Fix products are available across Europe, including Belgium, France,  Holland and Luxemburg.

Roof rack and straps are designed for Pros. How often don’t we see badly tied down loads at worse, vans stopped and drivers picking up lost loads on the roads.

Roll & Fix Founders are also tradesmen. At first the team thought out a better way to  tie down loads. From this initial idea came a new roof racks, winch and straps. All designed to stop loosing loads on the roads, increase workers’ safety and other road users. Roll & Fix roof racks winch and straps are designed for carpenters, plumbers, electrician, roofers, painters and contractors. We took into accounts their specific needs to develop a new product Made in Belgium.

Roll & Fix products have been created with care to :

  • tie down effortlessly roof rack items
  • Avoid getting up on the van’s roof top
  • Safe and secured ladder needing no body drilling to avoid theft
  • Safely secure all roof rack loads

Concerning truck models Roll & Fix have designed roof racks to suit most models vans. Up to date we have over a hundred models that can be suited with Roll & Fix. Find your vehicle and roof rack in “Fit my Truck”.