SURO (Strap Classique pour Galerie R&F)

Quick Overview

Roll and Fix winch and straps tie down loads of any size shape or form on van’s roof top safely and securely

Technical Documentation

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SURO (Strap Classique pour Galerie R&F)


Roll and Fix winch is at the core of the tie down system it enables you to secure materials of all sizes on a van’s roof safely and securely.

Straps’ Pluses

  1) Two types of binding, the straps can be wrapped around   small items or over bigger items. According to the case is either attached to the winch proper or to the rack’s opposite side and back to the winch.

2) The Roll and Fix winch has a binding handle. This tension off enough pressure to maintain firmly roof top loads.

3) The internal mechanism eliminates knots and excess loose straps.

4) The Roll and Fix winch is designed in non metallic material. It is rustproof, the hook is rubber coated, it will not scratch or mar the van’s roof while using it.

5) Roll and Fix winch and strap is attached to roof top rack and slides along according to the material to be tied down.

6) Roll and Fix is always quickly available to use, no more wasted time looking for straps.

More Specifications

1) Strength of 30daN in the winch   is sufficient to tie down any items to be fastened, do not overload to more than 50daN. Breaking point of 90daN

2) Roll and Fix tie down strap made of polyester, 280cm long x 25mm wide

3) Roll and Fix winch made of fibre loaded polyamide, one of the strongest materials available today.

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