General Terms & Conditions

1. These terms and conditions apply to quotes and contracts for the sale and supply of products and work by Rolix SPRL and on payments made to Rolix SPRL. The Customer is considered to have accepted these through the mere fact of his order. Deviations from these terms and conditions, even if mentioned on documents issued by the Customer or by our representatives, are only contradictory to ours when they were confirmed by us in writing. Even then, all the remaining stipulations in these general conditions shall remain in force.

2. Unless otherwise stated, our quotes apply based on the information. Prices occurring in our catalogues, and price lists are indicative and are subject to change without prior notice. A quote done by our representative shall only be binding after written confirmation by our office in Namur. Any order placed shall be binding on the Customer, yet it shall only become binding on us after written confirmation thereof.

3. Unless stipulated otherwise, our samples, drawings, dimensions, weights and other data shall only apply as an approximate description of our products, and any deviations thereof, of any kind, can never be invoked by the buyer to refuse either the delivery or payment, or to claim cancellation or damages. Likewise, unless provided otherwise and in a written agreement, we can never be held liable for the possible unsuitability of our products for the special purposes for which they were intended by the buyer or its customer.

Unless agreed otherwise in writing, the delivery periods specified by us shall always be approximate, but never binding. Any delay in the delivery will only give rise to compensation if this was agreed to in advance, and in writing.

5. Unless agreed otherwise and in writing, all our deliveries shall always take place ex Rolix SPRL's warehouses. The transport costs shall be borne by the Buyer. Cardboard packaging is included. All other packaging shall be charged to the Buyer, and 100% credited after return, carriage paid by buyer. Any additional costs imposed by governments will be passed on to the Customer.

6. In order to be admissible, any complaints should be directed to our Office by registered mail, within 10 days.

7. Goods returned are taken back after consultation, at the calculated prices, provided they are received back by Rolix SPRL within 10 days, in the original packaging, and in good condition.

8. All materials and manufactured items sold by Rolix SPRL shall remain the property of Rolix SPRL until the customer has fully complied with his payment obligation (including the obligation resulting from extra costs and intermediate price increases ). As long as ownership of the goods hasn't passed on to the buyer, he may not pledge the goods, transfer ownership as surety or grant any other right to third parties. Unless expressly indicated otherwise, the risk of the whole or partial loss of goods and any related consequential damages shall pass on to the customer at the time of delivery.

9. Rolix SPRL reserves the right to adjust prices if costs have increased due to the modification of one or more of the cost-determining factors, or due to measures of local or foreign Governments, between the time of its order confirmation and the time of execution. Rolix SPRL is entitled to charge this increase to the buyer for as far as the originally agreed price isn't increased by more than 25%. If this is the case, the buyer shall be able to cancel the sale, however without any compensation claim.

10. Rolix SPRL reserves the right and the possibility of electronic invoicing.

11. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, each invoiced amount shall be payable in cash in Namur. The payment obligation of the buyer shall not be waived by filing an even outwardly legitimate complaint on the questionable goods, or other goods. If an invoice isn't paid on the due date, all invoices not due yet, shall become due and payable immediately due to the mere fact of non-payment of the one invoice due.

12. Each amount not paid on the due date will incur an interest of 10% per year from the invoice date, and this shall apply automatically, without formal notice. In addition, any amount not paid on the due date shall be increased by a fixed compensation of 10% of the unpaid amount, and this legally and without proof of default.

13. The foregoing does not constitute a waiver of our right in claiming the cancellation of the sale with a damages claim in the event of non-payment.

14. Rolix SPRL is not liable for damage that can be caused by errors, printing errors and such, which could possibly occur in its quotations, letters, catalogues, brochures etc.

15. Copying text and images from our publications in any form at all, are only allowed after our written approval.

16. An extra amount will be charged for administration charges for small orders or quantities less than standard packing.

17. The courts of Namur shall have sole juridiction in case of a dispute or non-payment.